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Counseling Support Groups

All groups are weekly, online, 90 minutes, and will be open until the groups are full. Book a free consultation to get started!

Groups starting this month!


Healing from Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence

Tuesdays, Adults 11:30 am, Youth 3:30 pm


This group will explore themes related to understanding DV/IPV issues such as power and control and warning signs of violence. Group members will have opportunities to discuss their experiences and feelings related to that week's topic, and then be able to learn and practice coping and healing skills. 


Finding your Sexual, Affectional, and Relational Self

Wednesdays, Adults 10 am, Youth 3:30 pm


This group will be a discussion-focused group, where members can freely explore their identities and curiosities related to sexuality and relationships. Topics might include sexuality, affectional relationships, asexuality, and more. 


Finding Your Strengths

Thursdays, Adults, 10 am, Youth 3:30 pm


This group teaches people different healing activities, provides opportunity for group discussions about how they are feeling and growing, and builds confidence. The activities are centered around Howard Gardner's 8 forms of intelligence, to show  you have skills in every area, no matter your abilities! Groups will be tailored to the individuals, so that no matter the topic, everyone can participate in their own capacity.

Groups coming this Spring

Tell Your Story

Mondays, Adults 10 am, Youth 3:30 pm


This group uses narrative therapy to help us deconstruct society's narratives and look at other ways people can write the stories of their lives --  those they tell themselves and share with others. There are fun insightful and empowering activities (not all written!) to help people rewrite their stories.

Finding the Career Best Suited for You

Mondays, Adults 10 am


This group provides an opportunity to explore and discuss different career paths, including those needing school and those without. There will be fun activities to investigate different options that match with your unique skills and interests! There will also be time for deep discussion about managing obstacles to creating dream careers.

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