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Individual and Group Counseling Services

I am now open for new clients for group and individual counseling! I offer separate groups for youth and adults, in a variety of topics. Group counseling is magical! People can learn techniques and tools to support your mental health, while supporting one another and improving communication skills. At this time, all groups and individual counseling will be held online.

I am unable to accept insurance at this time. If you are in crisis, please dial 9-8-8 for assistance, or find the appropriate resource here.

Individual counseling topics:

  • Past, current, and future-desired relationships

  • Sexuality, sexuality identity (I am kink and poly affirming and knowledgeable)

  • Gender identity

  • Free gender-affirming letters 

  • Finding yourself again after a messy relationship

  • Figuring out what you want to do in your life and how to get there (including job and school applications, resumes, and cover letters)

  • Navigating social and legal changes that may affect your life

  • Finding meaning in life

  • Working with and through symptoms of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Organizational strategies

  • Mindfulness practices

  • Dream analysis

  • Brainstorming ideas with you to help you feel good about yourself and your life!

Individual counseling fees:

$150 per 50-minute session

DV/IPV Consultation and Continuing Ed for Therapists

Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence Consultation

I have a wealth of experience helping people heal from domestic violence and intimate partner violence. I am available for consultation for other therapists so that they may better assist their clients in these situations. 

Consultation fees:

$200 per 50-minutes, pro-rated is available

Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence Continuing Education Webinar

Dr. Christina McGrath-Fair and I created a webinar on DV/IPV, eligible for 2 CE credits in Florida! (Please check with your state for eligibility, though the webinar is worth watching for the information, even if you cannot get CE credits.) 

Webinar objectives include:

  • Define Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and Teen Dating Violence (TDV).

  • Identify who an Intimate Partner is.

  • Explain the consequences of Intimate Partner Violence and Teen Dating Violence

  • Identify the risk and protective factors for Intimate Partner Violence

  • Discuss prevention strategies for Intimate Partner Violence and Teen Dating Violence

  • Explain how Power and Control Dynamics factor into Intimate Partner Violence

  • Understand the Cycle of Violence and why victims stay in abusive relationships.

  • Identify screening methods for Intimate Partner Violence

  • Learn to practice Empowerment Based Treatment Strategies.

  • Identify legal and social resources available.

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