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This is the second book in the Warning Sign series, which helps people learn the warning signs of intimate partner violence (IPV) and domestic violence (DV). In this volume, I write about our marriage and how it felt, the good times and the bad. In these warning signs sections, you will learn about trauma bonding and other reasons people stay in abusive relationships. The important message is that people stay in these relationships for a variety of reasons, and we should never judge someone for making the choice to stay. People will leave when they are ready and when they are safe to leave. Share your thoughts and stories using #WarningSigns so we can grow together.

Warning Signs - Volume 2

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  • This is an .epub file, so it can be opened in almost all book apps, including ibooks, nook, and kindle. It will appear just as if you purchased it directly from Apple, Barnes&Noble, or Amazon.  (It seems to work best downloading in Kindle.)