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Healing from Toxic Relationships

This is a course on Healing from Toxic Relationships. This is applicable for people who have experienced any toxic relationship, whether with a partner or within their family, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, narcissistic abuse, coercive control or abuse, toxic work relationships, toxic friendships, any kind of unhealthy relationship. This can be helpful for people who have survived these relationships, and anyone who works with survivors (it affects 1 in 2 trans people, 1 in 3 cis-gender women, and 1 in 9 cis-gender men, so if you work with people, you work with survivors!)


I originally presented this information in an eight-week psychoeducational therapy group; but I found myself having to ask people to wait weeks or months to start their healing journey until I had enough people ready to start the next group. This is my way of making the information accessible to people whenever they are ready to start healing. :)

If you live in Washington or Florida (where I am licensed), you can also join the Healing from Toxic Relationships therapy group alongside your course learning! Find more information about the group here  and then schedule a consultation with me to join the group!


Due to state counseling laws, if you live in another state, you will not be able to attend until therapists are able to join the Counseling Compact in Washington State. In the meantime, I encourage you to visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline website to find a domestic violence advocacy agency with support groups in your area. 

I suggest people to watch the 8 videos in order, as the information builds upon itself, but of course you can do whatever feels right for you. The 8 videos are:

1. Introduction - Life is a Journey

2. Power and Control Wheel, and Nonviolence Wheel

3. Cycle of Violence

4. Love Bombing and Setting Boundaries

5. Trauma Bonding and Codependency

6. Safety Planning

7. Trauma in the Brain

8. Deconstructing Communication

I have the price set at $20 per workshop, as the creation of these workshops has taken 100s of hours and this is my business. However, I also want to make this information available for everyone, so if you need, you can use the coupon code "10dollars" to take $10 off and make the workshop $10 instead of $20.

When you purchase each class in the course, you will receive an email with a link to download a PDF of my Canva presentation. The first slide of the PDF will have a link to watch the video on YouTube. Please email me with any questions at:

Please process this information with others, but direct anyone wanting to download the information to my website. Tag me in your social media posts @katemageau.counselor

Thank you for your support and for your courage to learn and heal! <3 :) 

While you're here, also check out my Warning Signs books! They tell my story of domestic violence, and teach about the domestic violence that was occurring at the end of every chapter. It's another way to learn and heal, and a way to teach people in your life about it too, so you don't have to do as much explaining. <3

Most of the first book is also uploaded as a podcast! Audio books will be coming in 2024! :)

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