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Picture of self, Kate Mageau

Hello! I'm Kate (she/her/hers)! Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am a domestic violence and intimate partner violence survivor. After I experienced abuse, I attended a support group at a domestic violence advocacy agency and learned about the cycle of abuse. I also saw a mental health counselor who taught me more about abuse and how to heal from it. Five years later, in 2019, I returned to the same agency and volunteered my time to co-facilitate the same support group for over 2 years, where I continued to learn even more about domestic violence.

I learned further more about abuse and domestic violence working at an agency that specializes in helping domestic violence survivors heal from abuse. As an individual and group counselor, I continue helping domestic violence and intimate partner violence survivors. I also specialize in helping people with depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as helping people cope from trauma. I work with adolescents and adults, through individual counseling and support groups. 

I also enjoy my life and spend time not thinking about abuse! I enjoy kayaking, reading, writing, painting, traveling, cooking, gardening, and spending time with those I love – my family, my friends, my wonderful and supportive boyfriend who is nothing like my ex, and my cat, Penelope. I am based in Seattle, WA, though as of now, all services will be provided via telehealth. For more about my previous work experience, check out my LinkedIn page. For more about me as a person, follow me on Facebook and Instagram at @KateMageau.Counselor or see the Instagram feed here on my website. 





Or send me a text at (206)651-5242 or email me at!

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