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Welcome! I am accepting new clients!

One of my greatest joys in life is helping people feel better about themselves and their lives - their self-confidence, about their relationships, the way they spend their time, or any aspect a person wants to discuss. My favorite topics are relationships and helping people find meaning and direction in their lives. 


Another joy of mine is simply listening, learning, and holding space. I truly love hearing people talk and listening to their stories. I will admit, that this is so true that I love reality TV romance shows!


Hearing what people think about what is going on in their relationships and in their lives truly facsinates me. I personally experienced a marriage with intimate partner violence, so I am keenly aware of how it feels to experience an imbalance of power and control in a relationship, to the feeling of absolute destruction getting out of that relationship, and what it takes to grow into living a life in graceful self-power.  

I listen to people to hear what they are saying through words, tones, facial expressions, body language, and even silence. I’m not afraid to gently call it out when I notice a discrepancy between any of those items, and if the client wants, to use that awareness as a jumping off point for deepening our discussions.


One of my other passions is social justice. I stay up to date on the regular fights that regular people are fighting against every day just to live their lives.  


I am here to discuss what is on your mind, what interests you, and what you want to work on. I work with people ages 12 - adult (people under 18 legally need parental consent). I offer individual and group therapy and coaching. 


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